I have always expressed myself through art. In my early years, drawing and
painting took me into a world of my own, and always knew my path in life
would lead me to a career as an artist.

Having lived in several small and large cities in Mexico gave me a great source
of inspiration, as well as that strong Hispanic influence. My subjects: Mostly
people in the traditional Hispanic scene: Flamenco dancers, women with sombreros,
tango dancers, etc. And it's the female figure what I mostly utilize to give the
delicate, beauty factor to my paintings.

Alba 36x48 Oil on Canvas

In 2001, when I was running my commercial graphics business, I assigned a space
for a portrait painting studio. Soon I was too busy to dedicate my time to both
activities, so I chose to follow my dream and became a full time artist.

Word of mouth did wonders in my favor. I was commissioned to paint some important
people in society and politics; then I was hired to paint the portraits of former
Mexican President Vicente Fox, Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim, and in 2006 I was
hired to paint a portrait for President Felipe Calderon. Now this painting
is hanging on the walls of the Official House in Mexico City.

In 2007 I moved to the US and established in Southern California. I have met wonderful
people in this country and have made great friends.